Guest Editorial: Rep. Zinke should embrace stewardship at Interior

Secretaries of the Interior are called to be public stewards. On behalf of all Americans, they oversee our great national heritage of forests, grasslands, fisheries, national parks, wildlife, waterways, and mineral wealth. 

Congressman Ryan Zinke, if approved for his nomination to that post, will have the opportunity to prove himself in the long line of great stewards that have preceded him. I wish him well, but there is cause for concern.

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Why I'm apprehensive about hunter-apprentice programs

I recently saw a different side of hunting through another hunter’s eyes and was dismayed as I came face-to-face with an attitude I’d only read about.

I'm a hiking hunter, partly because I enjoy being out in it and partly because I was trained that way. But my dad wasn't my teacher. In the 1970s, most dads didn’t think of taking their daughters hunting, even in Montana.

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