Poll finds Montanans shifting to renewable energy, more public access

While polls repeatedly show that a majority of Montanans value open lands for recreation, hunting and fishing, some have assumed that those in the east - where private property predominates - cared less. Now a new poll finds that eastern Montanans don’t think too differently from those in the rest of the state.

A bipartisan team of pollsters asked the opinions of more than 500 Montanans on everything from energy sources to public land issues between Sept. 1 and Sept. 8. They found that overall, a majority supports renewable energy; phasing out Colstrip instead of fighting to keep it open; funding public-land access programs; and protecting rivers with federal designations.

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Report: Montana falls behind in energy efficiency

Montana is falling behind when it comes to energy efficiency, according to a national energy organization. With energy sources in flux, that puts Montanans at a disadvantage.

In its ninth annual evaluation released last week, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy placed Montana in the bottom third of the nation in 2015 based upon the minimal policies and programs implemented by the state.

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